Lehigh Valley Hospital and Lehigh Valley Hospital Muhlenburg treat allpatients regardless of their ability to pay.

Self-pay emergency room and clinic patients are encouraged to meet with a financial counselor to qualify for the charity and reduced cost of care program. To qualify, financial counselors determine need based on the number of people living in the household and the income generated by the household and compare those figures to the poverty guidelines published annually by the Department of Health and Human Services. Hospital charges will be reduced for those households with income four times the poverty level.

For self-pay patients above the poverty guidelines, the hospital understands the financial difficulties facing their health care choices. They may not have access to insurance or charity discounts, therefore, self-pay patients cooperating with the hospital for financial assistance will have their bills reduced.

Arrangements can be made for patients to establish a payment plan which is agreed upon by the Patient Accounting department. Such plans are interest free and may be paid within 18 months.

With patients cooperation we can extend payment on bills, apply a discount or eliminate the bill. Please call our Patient Accounting customer service department at 610-402-3025 or 1-800-608-6800 with any questions.