We continually strive to contain costs, while maintaining ourcommitment to excellence in medical care, by ensuring thatevery appropriate effort is made to collect money owed to thehospital for services provided.

Patients are responsible for the charges for servicesreceived. However, to assist patients in meeting theirfinancial obligations, the hospital will bill their healthinsurance carrier(s) for them, as long as a valid ID cardand/or information regarding insurance coverage is presentedat the time of registration.

The hospital accepts assignments of benefits and maintains anactive follow-up program with allinsurance carriers. Insurance is billed as a courtesy to thepatient and the patient remains responsible for contactingtheir insurance carrier to ensure prompt payment of theiraccounts. Patients should contact their insurance if paymenthas not been made within 45 days. Accounts with delinquent balancesorwithout adequate payment arrangements may be forwarded to acollection agency or attorney.

At the patient's request, a detailed bill may be provided.The hospital will send periodic statements to the patients orresponsible party in an effort to keep them informed as tothe status of all open accounts.

Please contact our Patient Accounting department at 610-402-3025 or 1-800-608-6800 for more details.